“Truth is a search, not a faith. It is an inquiry, 
not a belief. It is a question, a quest.”

– osho

Implementing inner development in the context of a group has the capacity to accelerate your personal process. It is a great tool to bring to light aspects of yourself that only reveal themselves in being mirrored by others.

In retreats and workshops, the people present create a collective field that increases the potency of the work and intention brought to it, allowing pain to surface and healing to happen in a magical and safe way.

In my groups, that i often co-facilitate together with other experienced and knowledgeable therapists and teachers, we utilise this field to enhance the individual process.

Upcoming Workshops:


Dates: March 28-31st, 2019
Facilitated by: Jamie Festa, Deena Dadachanji & Kanika Frings

A Woman’s Journey to Honouring and Embodying Her Sacred/intrinsic Feminine Power/ Quality.

Join us for this powerful 4-day journey of unfolding into the beauty and strength that is truly the essence of who you are as a women. We will be walking together in support of a deep willingness to listen, awaken, transform, honour and embody the divine feminine power that is your birthright, and will be gently unfolding and clearing out the beliefs and patterns that have been blocking you from blossoming into your full potential. We will support and guide you in stepping more fully into who you are, so that you can uncover, strengthen and share your gifts, to change your life and your environment the world.

 A safe, trusting and nurturing space to heal and transform individual and collective wounds will invoke a remembrance of the wisdom that is within you already. Through ancient rituals and self-care techniques, you will be able to connect more deeply to your natural cycles and inner wildness. Practices that invite vulnerability, speaking and acknowledging and respecting boundaries, and releasing shame will ground and anchor you in the self trust that is needed to open your heart and spirit to building a stronger relationship with yourself, other women, communities and with Mother Nature.

 Together we will co-create deep connection, authentic power, and an inner listening that will forever shift the trajectory of your life. You will leave with a sparkle in your eye and a strength in your heart. With new perspectives, wisdom, tools, and friendships that will fill you with a deep sense of belonging and a new way of relating to all that is.

Now is the time to let go of all that does not serve you. Don’t let anyone or anything continue to get in the way of you fully embodying your inner strength, aliveness, joy and worth. Join us on this amazing journey into walking from/ with the Sacred Feminine power that is your birthright.

WISE, WILD & WORTHY#2: deepening the JOURNEY

Dates: July 5 -8th, 2019
Facilitated by: Jamie Festa, Deena Dadachanji & Kanika frings

Details coming soon.