“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”

– Rumi


“Waking up to who you are requires letting 

go of who you imagine yourself to be”

– Alan Watts

Welcome, I am Kanika Frings,

I am passionate about discovering our human potential and thus uncovering the mechanisms within ourselves that stop us from living this potential to the fullest.

I have witnessed and experienced our innate capacity to heal, and believe that it all starts by developing awareness.

Many of us have a strong longing to live according to our hearts, which is more often then not curbed by fears. Facing these fears, and whatever lies beneath them, is the doorway to growth, change and personal freedom.

Pursuing this path requires courage, commitment and support, yet it is rewarding and deeply empowering.

Accompanying others on their journey of self-discovery and self-development, the way I have received support and guidance on mine, is a great honour and joy to me.

If you are looking for support, be it with an internal or external struggle, or are simply curious to dive deeper within yourself, ready to find the treasures buried beneath habitual, outdated and limiting conditionings, I would be very happy to explore this with you.


Joy is the natural consequence of living your truth

– A.H, Almaas

Using various methods we will work on the questions you bring to the session, may it deal with a concrete situation that might ask for practical solutions, reoccurring patterns that make life difficult or inquire into your spiritual search.

I believe that everybody has the intrinsic ability to find answers to their pressing issues within themselves. Therefore my approach to Counselling is fundamentally one of assisted self-inquiry. I accompany you on a path of inner research and  support you in becoming aware of, facing, digesting and integrating whatever comes up.


“Truth is a search, not a faith. It is an inquiry, 
not a belief. It is a question, a quest.”

– Osho

Implementing inner development in the context of a group has the capacity to accelerate your personal process. It is a great tool to bring to light aspects of yourself that only reveal themselves in being mirrored by others.

In retreats and workshops, the people present create a collective field that increases the potency of the work and intention brought to it, allowing pain to surface and healing to happen in a magical and safe way.

In my groups, that i often co-facilitate together with other experienced and knowledgeable therapists and teachers, we utilise this field to enhance the individual process.


“Waking up to who you are requires letting 

go of who you imagine yourself to be”

– Alan Watts


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Personal growth is not a matter of learning new information

but of unlearning old limits.

— Alan Cohen